Joe Metcalfe’s resources for inspiration:

Eckhart Tolle, author of “The Power of Now,” and “A New Earth, Awaken To Your Life’s Purpose.” He has been one of my mentors for over 3 years through his books and videos. The impact he has made on my life has been incredible. He has taught me about presence, awareness, inner peace, and aspects of spirituality:

Drew Canole, – Founded by my very good friend Drew Canole. Health, well being, and mindset master. He is a transformation catalyst and expert, and has made a huge impact in my life:

James Altucher, best selling author of Choose Yourself, successful entrepreneur, writer and podcaster:

Tim Ferriss, author of the Four Hour Work Week, and the terrefic podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show:

Maria Popova, author and founder of – incredible insights about life, books, art, and creativity:

Ryan Holiday, author of one of my favorite books, The Obstacle Is The Way. He’s a business expert, history and philosophy buff, writes great books and blog posts: