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You’re flying high.  You feel great. What is the one habit being done, while you feel this quality of life?  The quality could be happiness, peace of mind, production, or achievement. There is an absolute, direct correlation between thee good habit, and you feeling great.  It may be a combination of habits. That’s your gauge.…

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Final Part:  The 7 Life Changing Lessons from 3 Homeless People 1. Let Go of Pride, being Stubborn, and Hard-Headed:  Rob is the example here.  He was stubborn, and had so much pride and spite, that he was willing to live homelessly.  Are you not growing right now because of your pride?  Are you not…

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Story 3:  Dee I continued reading, under the majestic weeping willow.  I read casually, without sufficient care of the words.   My gaze turned up every few minutes.  I enjoyed observing the turquoise blue glistening, and the people strolling past me. Relaxation.  Peace.  Solitude. Alas! Dee came into my life. She walked passed. She made eye contact…

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7 Things Life Changing Lesson From 3 Homeless People 24 Hours.  3 homeless people.  Me. They were ratty, wretched, dirty, filthy, smelly, homeless people.  I had in depth conversations with each of them. You are asking why?  Fair question. The answer:  It was by chance.  I allowed it to happen.  I wasn’t searching to speak…

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