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The podcast is called the “James Altucher Show.” I highly recommend it. The most recent listen was a Kevin Kelly interview. Kevin Kelly, is what Tim Ferriss likes to call, “The Real Life Most Interesting Man In The World.” He is a true jack of all trades, and master of many. Kevin is the founding…

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What if there was nothing beyond this life, as we know it? What if there was no higher intelligence, higher power? What if there was no spirituality? What if this is all there is? I was asked this recently. My Yoga teacher, Pablo, opened our minds to this question before his yoga class. He invited…

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Overcoming and Transcending Challenges: Reflections From Eckhart Tolle: Part 1

Eckhart Tolle is a mentor I refer back to time and again. The spiritual teacher is the author of the book The Power of Now, and A New Earth, Awaken to Your Life’s Purpose. Both books have changed my life. I recommend you read both. Eckhart’s website,, has hundreds of videos discussing life, spirituality,…