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I chuckle at a story from the Zen philosopher Alan Watts: There is a conversation at an English dinner party.  The hostess started up the question of death.  She asked the various guests what they thought was going to happen to them when they die. Some thought about reincarnation, others thought about different planes of…

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The best investment to deal with fear.  Maybe, it’s the best investment I’ve ever made in my life. This investment has gotten me to where I am today.  To New York.  I didn’t know what this investment was at the time.  Now looking back, it’s clear. Uncertainty. Uncertainty has been the best investment I ever made.…

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buy proscar india

I look at the trees.  Tompkins Square Park, East Village. They are so grand, yet so humble.  They are taken for granted by most.  No one pays attention to them, but they don’t mind.  They don’t need attention.  They just grow slowly.  Patiently, humbly, quietly they grow grand. I admire that. To be humble.  To…

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September in NYC.  Sports at its best.  End of baseball.  Beginning of football.  Yankees, Mets, Jets, and Giants dominate the Headlines. I’m at a bar in the Lower East Side.  Hair of The Dog, on Orchard and Stanton.  The quintessential divey sports bar.  Fun crowd, pint glasses clinking, top 40 music during commercials, and everyone…

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30 Days In New York – Day 24: Chess In The City – Bad Winning, Bad Losing, And The Comparing Mind

“Checkmate.”  He said in his Swiss/German accent.  Jan beat me again.  “Schiesse!”  I say, as I shake my head.  I’m a bad loser. The emotion sets in.  Muscles tighten.  Body heats up.  Feelings that arise with frustration.  On top of losing, I’m losing to a 22-year-old.  I have 10 years on Jan, yet he’s out…


30 Days in New York – Day 22 – Observing My Monkey Mind And Its Negative Thoughts (And 12 Tools To Raise Awareness)

One World Observatory, New York City.  The Freedom Tower.  I look down at millions of moving parts below. Observing these moving parts of NYC, is like observing the moving parts of my mind. — The city was calling me.  Throw out the budget for a month.  It time to live in the belly of the…


30 Days in New York: Day 21 – Manifestation and Its 2 Key Ingredients Most People Miss (Including Me)

New York is a manifestation.  Formless ideas transformed into blueprints.  Blueprints from an unknown dimension, to a human mind, to a piece of paper, and finally manifested into concrete and steel structures. These ideas were invisible before creation, yet just as real as the creation.  We know for a fact invisible things exist. Think radio…


30 Days In New York: Day 18 – Running and It’s Zen Power for Solutions and Ideas

I unplug.  I move my body.  I let loose.  The road, the river, the setting sun, its reflection against the buildings.  Running.  One of my favorite rituals. The motor which is my mind, slows down.  It turns off.  It’s usually obsessing about future scenarios or second-guessing decisions I made int the past.  The mp3 of…