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It’s one giant swarm of bees buzzing through the streets.  Motorbike traffic in Vietnam. On the surface, it looks like chaotic madness, and to a degree, it is.  For one, there are not many traffic lights in the Vietnam, only the most busy intersections.  Second, red lights are more of a suggestion, than a rule…

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I believe in a cosmic two-way street.  The inward and outward flow of EVERYTHING. Manifestations of all kinds flow through this street.  Emotions and energy flow through it.  Love, happiness, and money flow through it; despair and poverty as well. We can’t receive what we don’t give to the two-way street.  When you feel like…

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Federer: “Playing The Ball Vs The Opponent” (1 Life Tip That Can Give You An Edge)

Roger Federer just won his first major in 5 years, beating his rival, Rafael Nadal in the Australian Open.  Historically, Federer has struggled against Nadal, with an overall record of 13 wins to 23 losses against him. After Federer defeated Nadal, he was asked in the interview if he felt the pressure of facing his nemesis,…