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  Here are five books I highly recommend for spiritual and personal development.  None of them are centered around 1 major religion, but more about spiritual teachings through very entertaining stories, and examples. Enjoy! 1.  Siddhartha – by Herman Hesse This is a great book.  A short novel about a man’s search to find peace…

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The  “Coat and Shirt” Approach to Life “If some steals your coat, offer them your shirt, as well.” –Jesus (analyzed by Eckhart Tolle in A New Earth) 2 Lessons came to mind after hearing these words: 1.  Non-Attachment – being able to let go.  Having no attachment to situations or things. 2.   Non-reaction.  The coat…

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It’s happened to all of us. We listen to a great song.  We listen to a powerful film score during a great movie. Then… We get that chill. You can’t really describe it, but it’s amazing. It’s tingles throughout your entire body. I love that feeling. The late, great, Jim Rohn, once said, “Let the…

where to buy proscar online uk

The “Secret” Seven

1.  Eating Healthy/Juicing vegetables 2.  Meditation 3.  Working Out 4.  Reading 5.  Writing 6.  Affirmation/Visualization 7.  Planning These are my rituals.  I don’t do all of these everyday.  However, I’m working towards these becoming my daily rituals.  This is the my ultimate goal. When I do these rituals, I can whole-heartedly, tell you my day…