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I choked up.  My eyes watered.  I cried.  It was tears from the movie.  Tears from an experience I had.  It was tears of joy.  The joy of being alive.  It was also tears of sadness for others.  Others that didn’t make it out alive. It was Sully that did it.  The movie turned me…

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I walk among the masses. I wonder about success.  I wonder what it means.  I see the musician playing on the streets.  I see the businesswoman walking through the crowd.  I reflect on what success meant to me in my 20’s. It meant winning in business.  Showing people I made money.  Owning real estate. Impressing…

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30 Days In New York – Day 5: Ronnie and The Story of The Sheep That Saved A Man’s Life

I met Ronnie in Tompkins Square Park.  I awkwardly asked him to take a picture of me meditating.  He was a friendly and patient guy. We started small talking.  Usain Bolt.  NFL.  Giants won.  Jets lost. The highs and lows of sports. Then we talked about meditation.  He said he should start doing that meditation.…